A Survivor of Trafficking

Awareness is Key

“Two years ago everything changed. I was trafficked. I was fooled. I was deceived by a man who said that he loved me. The tragedy is that I believed him.

Now I know that love is not shown by forcing me to work on the streets, beating me up, force feeding me and turning me into someone with no mind of my own. I had become like a frightened rabbit. I was terrified that he would kill me. Death too often felt like my only way to escape.

But I am a survivor.

I can’t believe that I am sitting writing a foreword to a book to empower others.

Trafficking isn’t a distant crime. It’s right here. There is no escape from the fact that people are being bought and sold, across all boarders, continents, around your town and even up your street.

People are product.

I was one of…

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