Just listen. (Warning: Mildly Graphic Content)

KaRonna Lynn

I learned that silence is my creative space.

Maybe not always literally absolute silence (I really like music), but silence in the form of disconnecting.

I’ve been called to silence. Have you met me? That’s an incredible feat. Nevertheless, I have my orders.

Today, I saw yet another reason why. When I’m silent, I channel that energy into places that all too often I unintentionally try to silence.

Shh. They don’t want to hear you again. Shh. They’ve heard enough. Shh. It’s just a dream.

Well. It’s not. It’s not just a dream. It’s a living fountain, boiling over inside of me. Yes. Boiling. It’s hot and I want to get it out of my head.

On average, are more things cleansed using hot or cold water?

Exactly. It’s cleansing. Me. You. This city. The nations.

I can’t continue muting it anymore. I won’t. I have a beautiful story on…

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