Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Transform- You Were Made for More

She was running away from a family that was abusing her.

She thought he was her boyfriend.

She thought she was going to meet his parents and found herself handcuffed in an abandoned house.

She can’t leave. It is not an option.

You have no idea what they do to the ones who try to run away.

We are not at the train stations and Mcdonald’s. The pimps are.

The pimps are actively seeking them.

We are actively avoiding them.

I read the comments  about the women arrested in the FBI sting from local people.

They called them trashy.

I call them rescued. I call them worthy. I call them beautiful.

I see them redeemed.

I would like to apologize for a justice system that does not protect our children. I would like to apologize for not being there and opening a safe and loving home for them to live in.

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